Don McMillan

Don McMillan
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You most likely have seen Don as the star of fifteen national commercials for Budweiser Beer. He plays the Bud delivery guy who mans the “freshness hotline” and protects the world against “skunky” beer. He can also be seen in commercials for 7–11, Franco-American Ravioli, Little Caesar’s Pizza, ServiStar Hardware, and United Airlines.

In the movies, Don starred in “Don: Plain & Tall” an independent film that was awarded “Best Feature – Comedy” at the Back East Film Festival and the Breckenridge Film Festival. Don has also appeared in the feature length films: “Air Bud III-World Pup”, “Life Without Dick”, “Macon County Jail”, “Party Crashers”, and “Fanatics”. Don has guest starred on the TV series “Star Trek: Voyager”, “Babylon 5″, “City Guys”, and “Step by Step”. He has also been profiled in both “Entertainment Weekly”, “TV Guide”, and the “IEEE Spectrum”.

Currently, Don has two big YouTube hits: “Life After Death by PowerPoint” and “Live from My Cubicle”. You can follow Don on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram. He also has a very success video podcast, “Technically Funny”. We’re posting new videos ALL the time!

Don has not lost contact with his high-tech roots. He has performed over 500 shows for major corporations around the United States including Microsoft, Apple,IBM, Google, ExxonMobil, and Genentech (See “Corporate Comedy”). Don’s corporate show utilizes his unique background to take a lighthearted look at business-life, technology, and the everyday life. Don prides himself in customizing every corporate comedy show he does. He works closely with each client to prepare a unique comedy show just for them. In 1999, he was dubbed the “PowerPoint Comedian” when he became the first comic to adapt his corporate shows for multi-media. His PowerPoint slides are like none you’ve ever seen! He is the only comedian that references “Avogadro’s Number”, “XML”, and he Beta tests all his jokes.

Don was named the #1 Corporate Comedian by the CBS Business Network!