Sandro Iocolano

Sandro Iocolano


Sandro was born in Boston, Massachusetts speaking in third person. After a few years of not shoveling snow and still being a child, his parents and him moved to Florida in hopes of finding happiness and sunshine.

Before becoming a stand-up comedian he was in Pharmacy School to become in debt. He decided he’d rather laugh and write jokes than push pills.
But he still has an affinity for medicine, pills.

A joke writer at heart and a story teller by trade. He prides himself on his quick wit and ability to connect with audiences and human faces and ears.
“Sarcastic and dead-pan”, “A true joy to watch...every time.” —My Relatives

He likes long walks off of short piers. The moonlight as you hit the water is just breathtaking.

Sandro enjoys comedy, candles, and comedy. And so will you.